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  • transformers
    • only work on alternating currents
    • change the size of the pd of a alternating current
    • when an alternating pd is applied to a primary coil it causes the iron to magnetize and demagnetize quickly
      • this induces alternating pd in the second coil
        • causes the current to be induced
    • if you know the input pd and the number of turns in the coil you can calculate the output pd of the transformer
    • Vs Is = Vp Ip
      • v= pd    i=current
      • s= secondary p= primary
    • transformers are 100 % effective if you assume the input power is equal to the output power
  • no of turns in primary coil
  • input pd
  • can be used either way- can be used upside down
    • =
    • put what your trying to find on top so there is less rearranging


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