Transformation of the cold war II

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  • Transformation of the Cold War II
    • SALT 1972
      • Strategic Arms Limitations Talk
        • Limited the amount of anti ballistic missiles, Inter continental ballistic missiles and submarine launched ballistic missiles
        • Basic Principles Agreement
          • outline procedures if political tensions increased possibility of nuclear war
        • Halted arms race & de-escalated nuclear war threat
        • didn't include MIRV's ballistic missiles w/ multiple war head
          • Loophole
      • relationship US & USSR improved 1968-1972
      • Economic condtions
        • USSR: living standards didn't improve post WWII
          • Investments made in armaments not economy
            • Pause in arms race = raise living standards
              • Improve economies of eastern European allies
                • Discontent rising
                  • Tension w/ China - post 1969 border conflict
                    • could cause war
                    • US formed relations w/ China
                      • USSR = vulnarable
                • Improved relations w/ US = access western tech
    • Détente 1968
      • Response to Cuban Missile Crisis
      • USA leave Vietnam war (expensive)
        • Damaged political image
          • Believed all communist countries controlled by Moscow
            • Untrue
              • Proved by tensions in communist world
              • Nixon changed US foreign policy
                • Global approach not focused on south east Asia
                  • Diplomacy
                  • Western European allies tired of being tied to Washington decisions
                    • Wished to carve own routes to diplomacy
                      • West Germany wanted to improve relations with east Germany
        • unpopular in USA
        • Military force could only achieve so much
      • USSR wanted to reignite stagnant economy


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