Protein synthesis flow diagram

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  • Trainscription
    • 1. Hydrogen bonds break and DNA splits open
      • 2. Free complementory RNA nucleotides are joined to the 'template strand' using RNA polymerase
        • 3. mRNA is broken off and leaves the nucleus  to go to the ribosome.
          • Translation
            • 4. The ribosomes  have a 'groove' which the mRNA can fit into.
              • 5. Using this groove, the ribosome attaches to the first two codons
                • 6. The tRNA has an anti-codon   which then joins to the exposed bases at the beginning of the mRNA
                  • ANTI-CODON = series of three bases, complementary to the codon.
                  • 7. A second tRNA joins at this point, also biding it's anti-codon to the exposed bases of the mRNA
                    • The Amino acids, found at the top of the tRNA now bond, starting the amino acid sequence that makes a protein.
                      • This bond is a 'peptide bond'
                      • The first tRNA then leaves to start again, and the ribosome moves along the mRNA, allowing the next tRNA to join.
                        • This continues until a codon reading 'stop' is reached. At this point, the protein is complete.
                • CODON = sequence of three nucleotides
          • mRNA is now an exact copy of the original 'coding strand'


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