Training in the workforce

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  • Training the workforce
    • Reasons why businesses need training
      • To fill gaps in the skills of workers
      • Comply with the law e.g. health and safety
      • If new technology is introduced, people will need to be trained to use it
      • Induction training for new employees
      • Training to develop management skills
    • Benefits of training
      • High quality staff
      • Increase productivity
      • Higher quality product & service
      • Less supervision required
      • Higher motivation amongst staff
    • On the job training
      • You are being trained in the workplace while doing your job
      • You'll experience the job so you will learn it better. Someone experienced at doing the job will train you
    • Off the job training
      • Training takes place away from the workplace
      • can be better if you are likely to cause manage to the firms reputation
    • Induction training
      • Helps new employees settle quickly into their job roles
      • Need to know where things are
      • Introduce to new colleagues
      • Learn the main aims and objectives of the businesses


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