Training/Rewarding Staff

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  • Training
    • Methods of training
      • In-house training
        • Happens at the place of work
      • Induction training
        • To help new employees settle into the business
      • External training
        • Happens away from the place of work
    • Advantages
      • In-house training
        • No travel costs
          • New employee gets to meet colleagues and settles quickly
            • Training can include all the skills needed for the job
      • External training
        • Experts can help
          • Trainees can learn the correct method and skills
            • Less pressure to learn quickly
    • Rewards
      • Promotion
        • Pay rise
          • Holidays
            • Subsidised meals
              • Company car/phone
                • Staff discounts
                  • Life insurance
                    • Medical care
      • Fringe benefits
    • Disadvantages
      • External training
        • Travel costs make it expensive
          • employee is not productive whilst being trained
            • Trainees are not laening how to be part of a team
      • In-house training
        • Takes trainers away from their normal job
          • Trainers can teach bad habits
            • A trainer may not know how to effectively explain it to another employee


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