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    • Off the job
      • Advantages
        • Experts can be used
        • There is less pressure to learn quickly
          • This should reduce mistakes
      • Disadvantages
        • Travel cots can make it exrensive
        • The employee is not productive
        • Trainees are not learning to work as a team
    • On the job
      • Training through work
      • Have to travel to and from work
      • Don't have to take work home with them
    • Induction
      • Induction training is for new staff
      • Training to help new employees settle into a business
      • Health and safety at work
      • Induction training might include short film presentations
      • 'Buddy system' to look after new recruits
    • Rewards
      • Subsidised meals
      • Life insurance
      • Medical care
      • Company car
      • Pension scheme
      • Staff discount
      • People higher up in the business get better rewards


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