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  • Training.
    • Principles of training
      • Specificity
      • Progression
        • Training is gradually increased as the body adjusts to the demands.
      • Overload
        • FIT
          • Frequency
            • Increased number of sessions each week.
          • Intensity
            • Increasing the amount of activity in the training session.
          • Time
            • Increasing the time spent taking part in the training session.
      • Reversibility
        • Progression leads to improvement& stopping will be the opposite
      • Tedium
        • When training becomes dull it can lead to boredom.
    • Methods of training
      • Interval
        • Has time of work and time of intense exercise
      • Continuous
        • Moderate intensity above 30 mins, with short rest periods.
      • Weight
        • Lifting weights to increase strength using sets and reps.
          • Sets
            • A groups of repetitions.
          • Reps
            • Number of times you move the weight.
      • Circuit
        • Series of exercises completed for a certain amount of time one after another.
    • Components of fitness
      • Agility
        • Ability to change direction quickly.
      • Balance
        • Maintaining a body position in static and dynamic situation.
      • Co-ordination
        • Ability to control the body during physical activity.
      • Reaction Time
        • Time taken for the body to respond to a stimulus.
      • Timing
        • Ability to coincide movements in relation to external factors.
      • Speed
        • Combination of reaction time and movement time.
      • Power.
        • Combination of max speed and max power.
      • Flexibility.
        • Range of movement around a certain joint.
      • Strength
        • Static, dynamic or explosive strength.
      • Stamina
        • Ability of the heart and lungs to keep supplying oxygen via the blood.


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