The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

This mindmap shows the terms of the treaty of Versailles; it shows military restrictions, territorial changes and the financial penalty.

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Terms of the Treaty
      • Military Restrictions
        • Demilitarisation of the Rhineland
        • Army down to 100,000 men
        • Navy was cut down to 15,000 men and 6 battleships
        • No submarines (U-boats)
        • No air force
        • No tanks
        • Financial Penalty
          • France needed reparations to pay back the loans from the USA
      • Territorial Changes
        • Saar coal region was given to France for 15 years
        • Alsace and Lorraine was given back to France
        • Colonies given away
        • Eupen and Malmedy went to Belgium
        • Northern Schleswig given to Denmark
        • Danzig was given to League of Nations
        • Upper Silesia, Posen and West Prussia became the Polish corridor and given to Poland


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