Tov and aims of big three.

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Aims
      • Lloyd George
        • Preserve the supremacy of the British navy and prevent settlement that would be so harsh that Germany would not accept it- private view.
        • Wanted Germany to recover for trade purposes.
        • Public view:  make Germany pay for war- wanted to get votes. "Hang the Kaiser"
      • George Clemceau
        • Seen Germany invade twice in his lifetime.
        • Main aim- to gain security for France by preventing another attack and securing borders.
        • Disarm germany.
        • Get back Alsace Lorraine
        • Make Germany pay for all French damage.
      • Woodrow Wilson
        • Believed all countries should have the right to self determination
        • Doesnt want to punish Germany as he wants future peace.
        • Believed in the fourteen points- during the conference began to rely solely on his last point- the creation of the League of Nations.
          • Freedom of seas.
          • No secret treaties
          • Disarmament
          • League of Nations
    • Main terms of TOV
      • Military
        • Army- 100,00 men only.
        • Navy: 15,00 men
        • 6 battleships and no submarines.
          • Navy: 15,00 men
        • No conscription
        • Rhineland  to be de-militarised.
        • No aircraft
      • Land
        • Alsace Lorraine back to France.
        • North schelswig to Denmark.
        • Poland to be restored.
        • Upper silesia between Germany and Poland
        • Saar land under control of League of Nations- 15 years and France can take coal before plebiscite after 15 years.
        • Danzig free city under league of Nations.
        • Anschluss forbidden
      • War guilt- Germany are forced to accept 100% guilt for war.
      • Reperations
        • 6600 million - 42 years to pay- reduced in 1929- stopped paying in 1930's
    • German response to TOV
      • Diktat- dictated peace as Germany were forced to sign it.
      • Germany believed land loss went against self determination.
      • Hated army restrictions as always taken pride in army- believed 100,000 wasnt enough to protect it'self.
      • War guilt- believed they were being unfairly punished for Kaiser's actions. Humiliated and disgraced them.
      • Reperations was too much for Germany to pay. Longer reperations went on, the longer it would take to redcover. Caused hyper-inflation and extreme poverty.
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Left Germany with many grievances- they had collapsed and wanted revenge- weakness
      • Some argue Germany should have been split up like Austria Hungary- weakness
      • Germany would be determined to remove unfair parts of treaty- weakness
      • Brought peace to Europe
      • Set up League of Nations to maintain peace.


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