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  • Paragraph1
    • Territory losses
      • Germany lost 10% of its land
      • Germany was split in two by the Polish Corridor.
      • Colonies in Africa were given as mandates to the L O N.
      • The Saar- an important industrial part of Germany was put under control of the League for 15 years
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    • Territorial losses were the worst punishment faced by Germany in the T O V
      • Paragraph 2
        • Military Losses
          • Army was limited to 100k soldiers
          • Airforce, tanks, submarines and conscription was forbidden
          • Size and number of ships was reduced.
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      • Paragraph 3
        • Reparations
          • Article 232
            • In 1921 the figure was agreed to £6,6000 million.
            • Germany had to pay reparations to the winners.
          • Reparations destroyed Germany economically.
      • Paragraph 4
        • War Guilt Clause
          • Article 231
            • Germany had to take full responsibility for starting the war
            • This was one of the terms that they hated the most
              • Their national pride was knocked
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      • Conclusion
        • Even though the territory losses were extreme...


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