Tourism in Mountain Areas - Courmajeur, Alps, Italy

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  • Tourism in Mountain Areas - Courmajeur, Alps, Italy
    • Facts
      • Location: Courmajeur (a town on the Alps), North West Italy near Mont Blanc
      • 27 Restaurants
    • Positives
      • Shopping in Courmajeur benefits locals and tourists
      • Money can be re-invested to build better infrastructure e.g. Mont Blanc Tunnel which benefits locals and tourists
      • HEP (hydroelectric power) generates clean energy for Courmajeur
      • Provides jobs, particularly for younger people, it keeps younger people in the Alpine area and therefore stops out-migration
      • Leisure activities such as an ice rink and a swimming pool in Courmajeur helps to increase the income into the area
    • Negatives
      • Changes the traditional alpine culture e.g. hotels / souvenir shops / restaurants change its appearance
      • Visual pollution e.g. the cable car in Cresta D'arp
      • Deforestation in the Alps for the skiers don't crash
      • Seasonal jobs as more tourists visit in the winter
      • Pastoral farming (cattle farming) can be disrupted and affect breeding and feeding patterns
      • High percentage of second / holiday homes - wealthy Italians in places like Milan and Turin buy these homes for holidays
        • Meaning young people in Alpine towns are priced out of the housing market so they would have to move
    • What attracts people?
      • Physical Features
        • Ski-ing on Mont Blanc
        • Walking and climbing in the summer months as there is less snow
        • Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps
        • Summer tourism often happens further down the mountain at the lakes e.g. Lake Garda
      • Human Feautres
        • Cable car in Cresta D'arp
        • Weekly market in Courmajeur
        • Courmajeur is a traditional alpine town
        • There is a lot of nightlife to entertain tourists there (nightclubs / bars / restaurants)


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