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  • Tourism in Benidorm
    • Tourism brings income and prosperity
    • Tourism in Benidorm creates a struggle to keep their resources to a maximum eg water, resources, cleaning, attracting and making people want to return.
    • Most tourists come to Benidorm from Spain, Britain and Benelux
    • Most visitors who come into Benidorm are under 30
    • Most people stay from 9-10 nights
    • Benidorm can accomodate 1/4 of a million people
    • Tourism in Benidorm needs management so it doesnt ruin the character of the place.
    • Skyscrapers are having to be built to try and accomodate the people who stay there which begin to look out of place.
    • Problems
      • Large number of tourists need good transport links
      • Suffering water supply because of swimming pools, showers and drinking and not enough rain.
      • Poorly paid jobs with seasonal nature.
      • Rubbish


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