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  • Tourism
    • Tourist Resort Life Cycle
      • Exploration
        • Few tourists and tourist facilities
        • Area is unspolit
      • Development
        • Becomes a recognised tourist destination
        • Bigger companies build facilities
        • Area is developed and advertised
      • Involvement
        • Local people start to create some basic tourist facilities
      • Consolidation
        • Growth in tourist numbers starts to level off
        • There may start to be conflict between tourists and locals
      • Stagnation
        • Tourist facilities become old and run down
        • Tourists are starting to choose to go elsewhere for their holidays
        • There is more conflict between tourists and local people
      • Rejuvination
        • Area gets invested in to modernise the facilities
        • Tourist numbers start to go up again
      • Decline
        • Tourist numbers continue to go down
        • Locals with tourist related jobs become unemployed as demand falls
        • The area gets a bad reputation
    • Eco tourism
      • A type of sustainable development that encourages tourists to be environmentally friendly
      • Want to reduce impact of tourism on natural environments
      • Guidelines for ecotourists
        • Protect the environment, e.g: don't drop litter
        • Don't interfere with wildlife, e.g.: don't feed animals
        • Conserve resources, e.g: take short showers instead of long baths
        • Be involved in the local community and don't contribute to economic leakage, e.g: stay in locally owned hotels
        • Respect local customs and traditions, e.g: try to learn some of the language
    • Mass Tourism
      • lots of tourists going to one area often at the same time of year
      • Advantages of mass tourism
        • Jobs in tourism created for locals, e.g: waiters, tourguides
        • Improvements in infrastructure to accommodate tourists also benefit locals
        • Tourists pay tax which the government can invest in areas such as education
        • Tourists may learn more about the heritage and culture of the place they are staying in
      • Disadvantages of mass tourism
        • People may not buy from local businesses leading to economic leakage
        • Jobs in tourism are often seasonal and low paid
        • tourists may use up lots of the countries resources such as water
    • Extreme tourism
      • Happens in an environment with extreme conditions that make it harder for human survival
      • Target market is younger people who have the physical strength to take part in an extreme holiday
      • examples of extreme tourist environments: Death Valley, USA; Antarctica; Amazon rainforest, Brazil


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