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  • Tourism
    • growth behind tourism
      • internet- people research, and book online
      • changing lifestyle- people retire early so can travel
      • improved transport- euro tunnel, planes (cheaper)
      • more money to spend, more of a range
    • Industry
      • primary- work raw materials from the environment
      • secondary- work to make/manufacture something from raw materials
      • tertiary- provides a service for people. TOURISM is part of the TERTIARY SECTOR
      • jobs
        • tour guide
        • camel owners
        • coach driver
    • Benefits
      • improves economy, income from selling goods
      • job opportunities
      • people experience different languages/cultures
    • Problems
      • produce waste (rubbish)
      • lowest paid jobs given to locals
      • seasonal
      • people from abroad buy houses there, so prices rise
    • National Parks
      • map-
      • peak district is the most popular because it is surrounded by 3 big cities
      • preserve and care for environment. Provide a place to relax
      • National Park Authorities
        • protect landscape, provide activites
        • mark footpaths, tours
      • 80%  of NPs are private
      • Honeypot areas attract people in large numbers because of its beauty. Eg, Lake Windermere
      • Problems- traffic, big car parks, pollution, footpaths eroded, noise
        • solutions, park and ride, expensive car parking, screen car park with trees
        • Solution, educate visitors, take litter home, speed restrtions
      • Benefits- local economy boosts, jobs, facilities
    • Kenya- scenery, wildlife, cultures, weather, activities
    • eco tourism- involves travel to somewhere with wildlife etc are main attractions
    • Sustainable tourism- attempting to make as low an impact on environment and culture as possible


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