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  • Tourism
    • Growth in Tourism
      • in 2007 the tourism industry was worth $500 billion.
      • leisure accounts for 75% of all international travel
      • the top 6 tourist destination countries are:
        • France
        • Spain
        • USA
        • China
        • Italy
        • UK
      • Factors affecting growth
        • Social and Economic
          • 2 working parents instead of 1
          • fewer children
          • more leisure time
          • more holiday time
        • Improvements in Technology
          • travel today is quick and easy
          • in 2008 the rapid rise in oil prices had an impact on the cost of flights
        • Expansion of Holiday Choices
          • cheap package holidays
          • offer a huge variety of sights and activities
    • The Economic Importance of Tourism
      • France has had many more tourists than any other country many years
      • the USA earns more than any other country from tourism, yet has the 3rd largest number of visitors
      • in the Caribbean almost 50% of visitors come from nearby USA
      • around 80% of Barbados's national income comes from this business
    • Benefits of Tourism in Poorer Countries
      • tourists spend their holiday money in pounds sterling, US dollars or euros. This foreign exchange is essential to poorer countries. It can be used to buy goods and services from abroad
      • many governments tax visitors to help pay for the extra services they use such as water supply, drainage, electricity and roads
      • extra jobs are created indirectly. Hotels buy some produce from local suppliers to feed the visitors
      • many small business have been started up to serve the tourists themselves and supply the services they demand
    • Case Study
      • Blackpool
      • Jamaica
      • Antarctica
      • Yachana Ecolodge


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