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  • Tourism
    • Ecotourism
      • Background
        • A small chain of Volcanic Islands found 1,000 km away from the west coast of South America.
        • The islands are famous as they are home to animal and plant species that can’t be found anywhere else on earth.
        • 90 % of the Islands as designated as National Parks
      • Enviro Benefits
        • Buildings use local materials and are constructed by locals
        • There is limited transport available which reduces burning of fossil fuels
        • Mostly nature-based activities, rather than recreational activities that can be damaging.
      • Socio Economic  Benefits
        • Local guides are used which improves their quality of living
          • People are employed in guest houses, on boats. Many visitors give tips which go directly to locals
        • Tourists only visit in small number which reduces overcrowding and the over-use of Resources
        • Each Visitor has to pay a fee of £25 to conserve Islands, this helps pay for conservation work
        • Local businesses provide for needs of tourists. Tourists normally stay in small guest houses run by fam. businesses
        • People are employed in guest houses, on boats. Many visitors give tips which go directly to locals
    • Extreme
      • Impacts
        • Deforestation is caused by cutting down fuel for the tourists to get there.
        • Footpath/ice erosion is caused by large numbers of tourists exploring at once.
        • Litter and Rubbish is being left on the ground.
        • People are getting too close to polar bears and they are fleeing.
        • Some Tourists interfere with Scientists Research.
      • Strategies
        • Only ships of 500 people or less can land in Antarctica and only 100 people are allowed on land at one time.
        • Smoking is banned on Antarctica
        • Wildlife is to be observed not to be approached
        • On tours, people are told not to wonder off and disturb scientific studies.
        • Visitors are advised to wear Suitable Antarctic footwear to preserve the Ice.


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