Tourism in the UK (no case study)

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  • Tourism in the UK
    • Factors that affect the UK's tourist numbers
      • If there has been a recent terrorist attack - less people will come. If there is high security - more will come.
      • The Royal Wedding attracted 1.1 million
      • Low exchange rate makes it cheaper so more visitors. High make is more expensive - less visitors.
      • Economy - more visitors if it's good, less if it isn't.
      • Positive media coverage is appealing. Less/negative isn't
    • Statistics
      • Over 30 million tourists per year.
      • £100 billion industry - 9%of economy
      • Over 2 million workers in tourism
      • Domestic tourism amounts to £13 billion
    • Attractions
      • The London Eye collects around 4 million annual visits.
      • The Royal Wedding attracted 1.1 million
      • Shopping (Oxford Street)
      • West-End theatre
      • Historic site (like Stonehenge - over 1 million visits)
    • Decrease in Domestic Tourism
      • Cheap package holidays abroad have become more popular.
        • Domestic coastal resort tourism has decreased because of a more weather-reliable destination.
      • Weather unreliable
      • Wealth has increased - more people can afford to go abroad


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