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  • Tourism
    • The Butler Model
      • 1. exploration- small numbers of people visit and discover the attraction such as a beach.
      • 2. involvement- local people begin to provide accommodation and reseraunts
      • 3. development- potential seen by large companies who built hotels and add to the entertainment
      • 4. consolidation- tourists come regularly, jobs are secure but buildings and entertainment are beginning to look unattractive
      • 5. stagnation- tourist numbers begin to decline and resorts don't have money to develop new attractions
      • 6. rejuvenation /decline- rejuvenation means tourist numbers increase again. decline means they continue going down and do not rejuvenate.
    • eco tourism
      • minimum impact on the enviroment
      • small scale accomodation
      • locally produced food
      • local people for jobs
    • mass tourism
      • large number of tourists travel to one destination
    • cities
      • historical attractions
      • dramatic structures
      • attractions
    • mountains
      • scenery
      • adventurous sports
      • snow sports


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