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  • Topic 9 - Email
    • Standard Outgoing Signature and Message
      • A signature is text that you set up and appears at the end of your message. Usually has your name and address.
    • Group Emails
      • You can form a group email from all your contacts. This saves time.
    • CC and BCC
      • CC: carbon copy. You can send an group of people the same email.
      • You can send a group of people the same email but they can't see the other addresses.
    • Attaching Files
      • Files of any type can be sent by email. Sometimes files are compressed before sending.
    • Address Book
      • Allows you to create a list of contact details. Just click their name and the address is inserted.
    • Advantages
      • Nearly instant, easily attach a copy of their email, free to send, no need for formality, can be accessed on lots of devices, better for the environment
    • Disadvantages
      • Not everyone has computer access, may be more casual to business approach, inbox needs to be checked, can contain viruses, emails are not secure
    • Misuses of Email
      • Cyber bullying, personal emails being sent during work, inappropriate attachments, people sending viruses in files, people sending spam emails, inappropriate language
      • To Solve: use email monitoring software, parental control, email encryption, spam filters, antivirus software


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