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  • Topic 3
    • The purpose of communication
      • The purpose of communication is to exchange infromation with one another
      • The benefits  of effective communication
        • Information is understoond
        • Effective communication requires feedback confirming the message has been understood
        • One way communication means there is no feedback so there is a risk that the message will be misunderstood by the reciever
        • If staff are well infromed they are likely to be more motivated to provide a high quality service enhancing the image of the business helping the business achieve its objectives
        • Effective communication is a two way process meaning the message has to be understood and there is usually feedback to confirm the message has been understodd
        • benefits of verbal communication is that you can get instant feedback
        • A disadvantage of written communication is that you dont always recieve feedback meaning there is uncertainty if the message has been understood
      • The processes of communication
        • 1.)Sender
          • 2.)The reciever
            • 3.)The message
              • 4.)The medium
                • The medium is what you are using to communicate the message
              • Communication
                • Can be formal or informal
                • Communicaton can be oral,visual,written and pictorial
                  • Examples of a medium
                    • Telephone
                    • Email
                    • letters
                  • Barriers if communication
                    • Noise
                    • Bad connection


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