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    • 1997 Treaty of Versailles
      • Reparations
      • War Guilt Clause
      • loss of territory
    • The kapp putsch and munich putsch. threat from the right.
    • stresemann
      • as chancellor: created stability. dawes/young plan. loans from america. new currency rentenmark
      • as foreign minister: locarno pact and got Germany into the league of nations
    • 1919 constitution
      • very democratic. universal sufferage.
      • proportional representation = lots of weak coalitions. Article 48 gave the president emergency powers.
    • revolution from bellow: German cities controlled by soviets
    • 1918 revolution from above
      • Ludenforf and hindenburg create new government. get rid of kaiser. Punished less by allies
    • Armisitce signed in weimar not Berlin.
    • Hyperinflation. ruhr crisis. lack of tax and income. print more money.currency worthless 1923


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