Topic D= (Phobias)2

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  • Topic D= Why do we have phobias?
    • Social Learning theory to explain phobias(NURTURE)
      • vicarious reinforcement= learning through positive consequences of other's actions
        • Modelling= imitating behaviour of someone
          • If a role model is rewarded, then observer is more likely to imitate.
    • Coombes at el(1980)
      • 1) 2 rats drank from a spout 2) one rat given an injection to make it sick
        • 3) Both rats avoided drinking from spout                4) Rat which hadn't been sick learnt not to drink from spout
    • Phobias and Prepardness (NATURE)
      • Preparedness= tendency to learn associations more easily,quickly and permanently that others.
      • Fear is a good thing as it stops us from getting hurt or injured
        • fear must be partly genetic as early humans passed learnt fear to their children
      • Explains why some phobias are common and why some aren't


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