Topic C= Aggression (Ramirez, Anderson and Dill)

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  • Topic C= Tv and videogames
    • Ramirez(Culture and aggression)
      • 1) Aim= whether aggression varied between cultures
      • 2) Procedure= 400 students, 200 Spanish and 200 Japanese- filled a questionnaire on aggression
        • 3) Results= Japanese were more physically aggressive
          • Spanish were more verbally aggressive
            • In both cultures, both men and women showed same level of anger
    • Strengths of Ramirez
      • Quantitative data- cannot be interpreted differently
    • Anderson and Dill
      • 1) Aim= whether people who played videogames became aggressive
        • 2) Procedure= 210 students (2 groups) they were told it was a motor skills study
          • They played videogames in cubicles against someone who didn't exist
      • Strengths of Anderson and Dill
        • Lab experiment (more control over participants)
        • correct for having age restricitons on games
      • Weaknesses of Anderson and Dill
        • guessed aim
        • loud noises could've harmed participants


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