Topic C= Aggression (FINAL ONE)

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  • Topic C= TV and video games
    • Job of educational psychologists
    • Content Analysis
      • 1) Decide what aggressive behaviour is
        • 2) List behaviours you're looking for
          • 3) Decide on sample you need to study
            • 4) Tally times aggression occurs
              • 5) Assess reliabilty
  • Work with people to help solve classroom behaviour
  • 2) Teachers also asked to observe
    • 3) Gather info in school
      • 4) Parents invited to school to discuss issues
        • 6) Taught techniques to calm down like breathing techniques
    • 1) Goes to classroom to observe and what triggers violent behaviour
  • FOR CENSORSHP=  Protects children from acts they're not ready for
    • Majority of people in favour of Watershed


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