Topic 9- Consuming energy resources

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  • Consuming energy resources
    • Different types of energy resources
      • 3 main categories:
        • Non-renewable
          • Cannot be replaced once used up
            • Natural gas supplies in Europe:
              • Used for cooking and heating
              • 60% of UK gas comes from North Sea via Langeled pipeline
              • Russia and Ukrain export large amounts of natural gas to Europe
          • Coal, oil and gas (finite resources)
        • Renewable
          • Will never run out, infinite resources
            • Wind power in USA
              • 16,000+ large wind turbines in CA
              • Hundreds of homes use smaller turbines to convert wind power into electricity
              • 2015, wind power provided 6.9% of CA's total energy requirements
          • Wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power
        • Recyclable
          • Provides energy from sources than can be recycled
            • Nuclear, biofuel energy


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