Topic 2 Chemistry

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  • Topic 2 Chemisty
    • Analysing Substances
      • Chromatogra-phy
        • What is Paper Chromo?
          • Paper chromo is where you put a peice hang the tip of some paper into a substance, (after putting a spot of ink on the tip )depending on the colour and height traveled by the ink you can pin-point the substance
        • Instrumental Chromo
          • Gas Chromo
            • In gas chromo the substance is separated then run thru a tube and is measure, the time it takes mean you can tell what substance it is
          • Mass Spectrometry
            • Mass spectrometry is a highly accurate method of analysing substances, It is often hooked up gas chromo
    • Atomic Structure
      • How is the atom arranged?
        • Atoms nucleus contain protons and neutrons and the nucleus is orbited by a electrons
      • Atomic Mass
        • What is it and how do you work it out?
          • Atomic Mass is the number of protons plus the number of neutrons
        • Atomic Number
          • The atomic number is the ammount of protons in the nucleus
      • Istopes
        • What is and Isotope?
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