topic 2 chemistry

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  • topic 2 chemistry
    • ions and ionic compounds
      • what size lattice structure do ionic compounds have?
      • what are iconic compounds held together by?
      • how are atoms formed?
      • what are the properties of an ionic compound?
      • what is the substance that forms ions I solutions?
    • covalent bonding and metallic bonding
      • how many electrons are in each covalent bond?
      • where do the electrons in a covalent bond come from?
      • which element normally forms four covalent bonds?
      • what are free electrons?
      • what does metallic bonding involve?
    • polymers
      • what are polymers?
      • how many carbon atoms can be linked to a polymer molecule?
      • what is the name given to the small molecules that can be joined to form a polymer?
    • nanoparticles
      • why do nanoparticles have a large surface area?
      • what are nanoparticles used for?
      • how big is a nanoparticle?


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