Skeletal system

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  • Types Of Movement At Joints
    • Circumduction
      • The ability of a limb to be moved in circles
        • Butterfly stroke in swimming
    • Flexion
      • Bending of flexing a limb
        • Bicep curl when bending the arm
    • Extension
      • Straightening or extending a limb
        • When taking the shot in the shot put the arm extends after the shot is put.
    • Rotation
      • Turning or rotational movement of a linb or body part
        • During front crawl the neck is required to rotate  to the side to breath
    • Abduction
      • Moving a limb away from the centre line of the body
        • In gymnastics when performing the splits the legs are abducted from the centre line of the body
    • Adduction
      • Moving a limb towards the centre line of the body
        • When bringing the oar in during rowing.


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