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  • Top Girls/ published in 1982 set in the early 1980's
    • Success
      • The writer uses succsess in many different ways to show personal success, oppression and independence
        • 'I believe in the individual look at me' Marlene
        • 'And I hit him with a stick! Yes I hit him with a stick' Lady Nijo
        • 'Oh god why are we all so miserable' Marlene
        • 'If your face fits at school its goint to fit other places to' Joyce to Kit
        • ' You're auntie's  a smashing bird' Win
    • Family
      • Family is portrayed as unimportant, being a woman and having a family comes with set backs.
        • 'I don't know how you could leave your own child' Joyce to Marlene
        • ' I put on this dress to kill my mother' Angie
        • 'look, you've left. You've gone away...we can do without you' Joyce to Marlene
        • 'I still did what my father wanted' Nijo
    • Gender Identity
      • The women struggle to overcome the patriarchal society and when they do they lose their feminine identity
        • ' my father taught me Latin although I was a girl' Isabella
        • Joan can only biblically recollect 'because angels are without matter they are not individuals'
        • 'But Nijo I wasn't used to having a women's body' Joan
        • Isabella- 'I never had any children' Nijo- 'I saw my daughter once'
    • Political ideas of freedom and defiance
      • Thatcherism is portrayed through the play her ideas are reflected by the power of Marlene in an act of embracing the patriarchal society
        • 'She is a tough lady, Maggie' Marlene
        • 'Well I think they're filthy bastards' Joyce talking about the government
        • 'I didn't live a womens life. I don't understand it' Joan
    • Class
      • Marlene is in the upper class dealing with lower class, her sister is in the lower class
        • 'I hate the working class'- Marlene pg 95
        • 'You're ashamed of me if I come into your office' Joyce to Marlene
        • 'Packer in Tesco more like...she's not going to make it'' Marlene about Anglie
    • Oppression/ Stereotyping
      • The women have typically masculine qualities which highlights the extent of oppression within there society.
        • ' I thought god would speak to me directly but of course he knew I was a woman' Pope Joan
        • 'So you wont tell them you are getting married?' Marlene
        • Marlene says the most suitable jobs for Jeanine are 'lampshades... and knitwear second choice' pg 55
        • 'women weren't allowed in the library' Joan
    • Surrealism
      • The illusion of successful women depicts the changing society
        • 'I never obeyed anyone they all obeyed me' Joan
    • Feminism
      • Most of the women have achieved the feminist ideal- succeeding in a mans world.
        • 'Miserable and lonely. You're not natural' Mrs Kidd to Marlene
        • ' I dressed as a boy when I left home' Joan
        • 'They beat their women across the loins so they'll have sons and not daughters'Nijo
        • ' our marlenes got far more balls than Howard and that's that' Nell to Win
        • 'What is it going to do for him working for a woman? I think if it was a man hed get over it as something normal
        • 'You're on of these ballbreakers' Mrs Kidd to Marlene
        • 'I lived with a fella and supported him for four years, he couldn't get work; Win


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