Top Down Approach

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  • Top Down
    • AO1
      • American approach
        • used as result of FBI work of info gathered from interviews with 36 sexually motivated serial killers
        • Typology approach - match what is known about crime to pre-existing template - murderers and rapists either organised or disorganised
      • Organised
        • Planned crime before hand
        • Victim deliberately targeted due to killers type
        • High degree of control and operate with surgical precision
        • Little evidence left and tend to be above average IQ, in a skilled professional job and are socially and sexually competent, often having families.
      • Disorganised
        • Little evidence of planning, often spontaneous
        • Crime scene reflects impulse - body often left behind and little to no control
        • Lower than average IQ, unskilled or unemployed, history of sexual dysfunction and failed relationships
      • Constructing FBI profile
        • Data assimilation - evidence reviewed
        • Crime scene classified - organised or disorganised
        • Crime recronstruction
        • Profile generation - hypotheses made to likely offender
    • AO3
      • Only applies to particular crimes
        • crimes such as burglary and property destruction tends to leave little to profiling as crime scene does not reveal anything about personality
          • Limited approach to identifying criminals
      • Based on outdated models of personality
        • relies on assumption behaviours remain the same over contexts and situations
          • Alison et al - old fashioned view of beh as see behaviour as being driven by stable disposition rather than constantly changing external factors
            • Poor validity when identifying possible suspects or trying to predict next move
      • Useful
        • Copson - 184 US police officers given questionnaire
          • 82% said it was useful and 90% would use it again
            • Useful in real life context
          • Only 184 police officers asked, low population validity
      • Small sample size
        • Only 184 police officers asked, low population validity
      • Original sample
        • developed on interviews with 36 serial killers
          • Too small and an unrepresentative sample to base typology profile on that could influence police investigation
            • Could cause wrongful convictions - cost v benefits


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