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  • Tools used in graphics
    • Scissor
      • cut paper and card
    • Pinking shears
      • zigzag edges
    • Surgical scralpel
      • very sharp and great for precision cutting
    • Metal cased knife
      • used for tougher material e.g. thick board and balsa wood.
    • Compass cutter
      • cut ares and circles in car and paper.
    • Plastic trimming knife
      • Retractable blades for safty when not used.
    • Rotary cutter
      • cut large sheets of paper and card, often many sheets at a time.
      • cuts nice straight sharp lights
    • Guillotines
      • has a larger blade that you have to push down.
    • Hot wire cutter
      • cuts Styrofoam
    • Fret saw
      • useful for detail cutting of MDF and Plywood.
    • Coping saw
      • Plywood andMDF are easily cu
    • Line bender
      • bends thermoplastic


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