Purple Hibiscus - Tolerance

Looking into the theme tolerance

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  • Tolerance
    • Aunty Ifeoma
      • Has a tolerant nature
      • She encourages Kamblili to stand up for herself
      • She teaches Kamibili to be tolerant with her father
      • Intelligence and tolerance comes from her profession; university lecturer
    • Bless my son Eugene
      • Still prays for his own son, even though his son has disowned him
      • Still respects his son
      • Loves his children despite the different faiths and beliefs
    • Papa
      • He recognises the love his children has for the grandfather, so allows them to see him.
      • Allows his children to visit  the grandfather - an act of generosity.
      • He wants the best for his children
      • A confused character
      • His own life was difficult, so he wants his kids to go through the same
    • When mama loses her baby, she mourns quietly. She keeps tolerance in her family
  • She teaches Kamibili to be tolerant with her father


Paul Dutton


Yet another great mind map for another theme in the novel.

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