Token economy unit 4 psychology A2

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  • Token economy
    • AO2 Evaluation
      • Ethical, TE can be criticised in ways of being unethical because non-essencials may be deprived from the person. Also it may be seen as unethical to modify behaviour just because somone sees the previous behaviour as undesirable. Especially in prision many people have no free will over the matter so have to do the programme
      • Practical issues. A positive is that TE is suitable to use on most people and requires not much understanding or motivation, It can also be given by anyone with little training and is cheap in comparison to other treatments
        • However this focuses on changing behavior rather than dealing with the cause. Finally some behavior may be missed so isn’t reinforced, this may then cause behavior not to be reinforced.
      • influence of the practitioner. A negative is that the prison staff have legitimate power because they are expected to shape behaviour. and they have coercive power which is handed to them to make the individual do something they may not want to.
    • AO1 Description
      • HOW? Token economy is based on the principals of operant conditioning> Tokens act as a secondary reinforcer to shape desired behaviour.
        • Also Undesirable behaviour is ignored
      • Where is this used? In institutions such as pristons. Schools to improve behaviour
      • Why would this be used? Reinforces desirable behaviour from people


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