Token Economy Evaluation

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  • Token Economy Evaluation
    • + No highly trained staff needed.
    • - Ethical issues from withdrawn rights.
      • May be seen as against will.
    • - Not generalizable:only temporary as it is not continued into the real world.
      • Criminals may go back to old ways when they are no longer rewarded.
      • Does not tackle cause of aggression.
    • - Rice et al (1990)
      • 92 male offenders in TEP had a behaviour change but was not consistent in the real world.
    • + Hobbs and Holt (1976)
      • 125 criminal boys studied in 4 groups
        • 1 control, 3 TEP
          • TEP behaviour's improved, control did not.
    • - May not be TEP that causes change.
      • May be positive environment.
    • - Tokens can be exploited by staff, lead to poor relationships.
    • Staff may not be consistent and do not focus on TEP efficiently.
      • Failure when transferring to home environment.


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