Toddlers and Young Children up to the age of 5 years old

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  • Toddlers and Young  Children up to 5 years old.
    • Growth and activity increase so they need a greater intake of nutrients.
      • Calcium for bones.
      • Protein for body growth.
      • Fluoride for teeth
      • Iron for red blood cells.
    • Should be discouraged from eating between meals.
      • Could lead to unbreakable habits which could lead onto adult hood and obesity.
      • Could lead to unbalanced diets.
    • They need a well balanced diet.
    • Appetites change from day to day, parents should make allowances for this.
      • Teething - sore gums
      • Illness - unable to explain it.
      • Assertiveness - children like to assert their independence so may refuse to eat even if they are hungry.
    • Breakfast - wholegrain, unsweetened cereal for milk, fruit, yoghurt, porridge, eggs, bacon, water/milk/fruitjuice
    • Lunch - fish, meat, stew, omelette, salad, quiche, mild curry, vegetables, rice, pasta
    • Dinner - egg, fish cakes, salad, meat, pizza, soup, sandwiches, finger food(e.g. cheese)


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