Today's Atmosphere. Core.

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  • Today's Atmosphere.
    • Human Activity.
      • Is changing the atmosphere
      • Burning Fossil Fuels.
        • Releases Carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.
      • Deforestation
        • Less Carbon Dioxide is taken from the atmosphere, for plants. So more remains in the atmosphere, and less oxygen is added
      • Livestock Farming
        • Releases a lot of methane into the atmosphere- animals produce it when they pass wind.
    • Volcanic Activity.
      • Sulfur Dioxide
        • It reacts with the sunlight, water, oxygen and dust to form Volcanic smog.
      • Carbon Dioxide
        • This is also released into the atmosphere by Volcanic Eruptions.
    • Sources of information on the evolution, of the atmosphere is limited.
      • Antarctic Ice Cores
        • We learn most of the past atmosphere from these.
        • Each layer of ice forms, and bubbles of air gets trapped inside it. Then it's buried by the next layer.
        • Deeper the ice - Older the air.
          • If you examine the bubbles in each layer, you can see how the air has changed.
      • It's difficult to be precise about the atmosphere. Since nobody was there at the time.
    • Investigating the proportion of Oxygen in the Atmosphere.
      • When it's heated copper reacts with oxygen in the air to make copper (II) oxide. (The reaction uses up oxygen)
      • If you heat an excess of copper in a tube and pass air over it using two syringes you can use the markers on the syringes to tell how much oxygen has been used up.
        • So if you start with 100cm3 of air, you will end up with about 80cm3 when the reaction is finished and the air has cooled. If 20cm3 of air has gone then around 20% of the air must be oxygen.
      • 2Cu+O2 ? 2CuO


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