Smoking - Mauritius and British American Tobacco

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  • Tobacco TNC's - Mauritius
    • British American Tobacco
      • Factories in 44 countries
      • Annual revenue: £33,921 million
      • Worlds largest tobacco producing company
      • Plants in more than 60 countries
      • Makes more money than the combined GDP of Costa Rica, Lithuania and 4 other countries
    • Mauritius
      • Half of a class of 11-14 year olds smoke
      • Aware of BAT brands
      • Children are not aware of the dangers of smoking
      • 1/3 of all children 13-15 smoke - poorest sector of society
      • Can buy single sticks from 7p each
        • Single sticks are more accessible to children
        • Free pots given to shop owners to sell single sticks
      • BAT controls 98.9% of the market
      • Advertising is banned by carries on in a disguised form
        • Leaflets
        • Posters advertising competitions held by the brand
        • Shops painted BAT colours
      • BAT offered to paint cardiac hospital - sponsership


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