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  • Tobacco TNC's
    • Production of Tobacco
      •    LEDCs are converting from traditional crop farming to tobacco growing
      •  BAT is the largest Agribusiness in Kenya, contracting 17,000 farmers, cultivating 15,000 hectares
      • Brazil is the largest exporter of tobacco
      •   Tobacco grown in the USA is twice as much to buy
      • Production is, therefore, moving overseas to exploit cheap labour
      • Vietnam sells off the majority of its tobacco for under $3 a kilo
    • Tobacco Industry Effects
      • Greater cause of death than any disease 
      • 5million deaths per year
      • Five times more likely to have a heart attack
      •  In men 22 times more likely to have heart attack
      •  Smoking during pregnancy – miscarriage, low birth weight, damaged child development
    • Tobacco Transnationals
      • Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds & British American Tobacco are the world’s largest tobacco TNCs
      •   Own or lease plants in 60 countries
      •   Have a total revenue of US$70billion
      • 1.2billion smokers worldwide: 800million are found in LEDCs
      • TNCs target LEDCs with advertising and marketing
      •     Nearly 70% of Chinese men smoke
    • Reducing impacts of smoking
      • Advertisement campaigns featuring shocking and graphic scenes relating to the risks of smoking aired during prime time TV.
      • A ban on the sale of cigarettes to under 18s.
      • All cigarettes must be kept behind a counter and away from public view.
      • Vending machines that dispense cigarettes are illegal.
      • Public smoking is banned except for in designated areas.
      • Cigarette packaging must be generic and plain and must feature large warnings about the risks of smoking.
      • The NHS offers free stop smoking clinics.


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