Tobacco production

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  • Tobacco production Impacts
    • Tobacco is a temperate crop that is grown in more than 100 countries worldwide, mostly in developing countries. China is the world's largest producer.
    • Pesticides
      • Huge amounts of fertilizers, herbicide and pesticides are used in growing of tobacco
        • up to 16 applications can be made during a 3 month growing period
          • It is known that they leach into the soil and find their way into streams , rivers and food chains
    • Green tobacco sickness
      • tobacco growers are open to the green tobacco sickness
        • It's caused by the absorption of nicotine through the skin contact with wet tobacco leaves
          • Symptoms of GTS include nausea , weakness , dizziness and cramps
    • Tobacco and deforestation
      • After harvesting , tobacco is cured to preserve it for storage , transport and processing.Most tobacco is flue cured which entails passing heated air through the harvested leaves.
      • Trees are cut down to provide fuel for the curing process
        • 200,000 hectares of woodland are removed by tobacco farming each year
          • 4.6% of total national deforestation
      • In Malawi, 35,000 tonnes of tobacco leaves are cured annually
        • In 1 region of Malawi , 80% of the wood cut down is used for tobacco
      • In North-West Uganda, sheet erosion is very evident and much of the topsoil has been washed away(due to deforestation)
    • Impacts on food production and health
      • less land is available for food crops
      • Short term gain is likely to be offset by long-term costs
      • tobacco-related illnesses: lung cancer is the most commonly reported fatal cancer
      • Bangladesh: tobacco expenditure compounds the effects of poverty and causes serious decline in living standards
    • Pollution
      • Burning tobacco is the main source of indoor pollution in the developed world
        • tobacco smoke contains 4,000 chemicals including carcinogens, irritants and toxic gases
  • Positive ECONOMIC
  • Negative ECONOMIC
  • Positive SOCIAL
  • Negative SOCIAL
  • Background info.
  • British American Tobacco
    • Taxes bring extra money
    • Provide jobs in LEDC's
    • BAT: "ethically conscious"
    • Low paid jobs
    • Deforestation to create tobacco plantations
    • Lack of family food as they are subsistence farmers
    • green tobacco sickness
    • soil erosion


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