Why did the size of the population fail to recover in the years after the Black Death of 1348 - 1349?

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  • To what extent were attempts to maintain the traditional structures of society responsible for unrest among peasants and townspeople in the years 1349 - 81?
    • Introduction
      • Mostly responsible for unrest but not entirely as unrest began because of black death
    • ordinance and statute of laborers, (1349, 1351)
      • Made sure that peasants could not be paid more than they were before the back death. Peasants were becoming richer by demanding more money from their lords.
        • Peasnats could not escape social class. Stopped them from changing their lives.
    • Sumptry law
      • Stopped peasants from buying certain colours fabrics and foods.
        • Did not allow them to use any money they had earned properly.
    • Poll tax three in 1381
      • Peasants had to pay a higher tax rate to pay for war.
        • Peasants had to spend money they were not supposed to have earned by law. Two other poll taxes before hand were hated but tolerated.
    • belief that good had spared them and were therefore equals with the lords, led by Wycliffe
      • Wycliffe's Lollards supported the belief that they were equal in the eyes of god to the landed gentry. Wycliffe was excommunicated for this rebellion , the lollards were subdued for the short term.


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