To what extent does poverty exist in Britain?

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  • To what extent does poverty exist in Britain?
    • two types of poverty
      • Absolute poverty
        • Lack of the very basics needed for healthy living.
          • water
          • Food
          • Medicine
          • Clothing
          • Education
          • Shelter
      • Relative poverty
        • Lack of socially acceptable level of resources compared with the average for any given group or society
          • Access to a computer
          • Desk to do Homework
    • Consequences of poverty
      • Poor Health
      • Lack of security
      • Poor diet
      • Poor, damp, overcrowded housing
      • Disease caused by poor housing
    • Models of poverty
      • Perspective of structural model
        • Only broken if resources and support systems are available to help an individual lift themselves out of poverty.
        • Underclass is the product of society and only exists because certain communities have been neglected
        • Poverty cycle is a trap that is beyond an individual's control
      • Perspective of individual behaviour model
        • Argued that this group is increasingly isolating itself from the normal values of society
        • Self-constructed and can only be removed by those in poverty themselves
        • Poverty cycle is a result of lifestyle  choices


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