Elements of the Gothic: Consider the ways in which gothic writing could be said to explore the fear of forces beyond human understanding

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  • To what extent do you agree with the view that, in gothic writing, death is the punishment for sin?
    • Doctor Faustus
      • every human likes power but we cannot understand the devils power or Gods; we know we will never be as powerful as god/explores the theme of power
      • the signing of the soul to the devil
      • the presence of the devil and the power he has
    • Macbeth
      • the witches are supernatural and beyond human understanding their power over humans
      • the ghost of Duncan/ forces of the after life
      • the psychological insanity of lady Macbeth is something that we cannot ever fully understand as humans/fear of insanity
    • Frankenstein
      • the creation of the monster- usurping the role of god
      • explores the fear of life- victor creates the monster on impulse and doesn’t consider the consequences- so it could be suggested that Shelley explores the fear of human impulses and the consequences that come from acting on impulse.
    • Introduction
      • Introduction of each three text and how they show fear of forces beyond human understanding; explore what fear of forces is
    • Wuthering Heights
      • the force of extreme love is explored and how it leads us to insanity i.e. Heathcliff digs up Cathy’s grave to be with her
      • Bronte explores the fear of attraction between two people that should be attracted in both generations
    • Conclusion
      • Conclude with how each gothic novel explores fear and forces that isn’t seen in the human understanding, link all the texts together. REMEBER to include at least two quotes in with each text discussed.


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