Poetry Across Time - Relationships - To His Coy Mistress

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  • To His Coy Mistress
    • Carpe diem (seize the day) theme
    • Iambic Tetrameter
    • Theme is seduction - he wants his partner to sleep with him
    • 'Had we but world enough, and time,//This coyness, Lady, were no crime'
      • If we had forever then it would be OK that you are shy/coy
    • 'Coy'
      • Shy
    • Lines 8 and 9
      • He would love her from 10 years before Noah's Ark until the Jews convert to Christianity (which will never happen)
    • 'My vegetable love'
      • Vegetables grow slowly
    • Lines 13-18
      • He would look at her for ages
    • 'you deserve this state'
      • She deserves this but they don't have all the time in the world
    • 'But'
      • Powerful
    • 'Time's winged chariot hurrying near'
      • Time is catching up with us
    • 'Deserts of vast eternity'
      • The afterlife?
    • 'worms shall try//That long preserved virginity'
      • Worms will eat you anyway. She might as well sleep with him
    • 'into ashes all my lust'
      • He won't be able to love her when she's dead. Suggests that Marvell doesn't believe in the afterlife
    • 'none, I think, do there embrace.'
      • No one embraces each other in the afterlife
    • 2nd stanza
      • Much more serious and shocks the reader back to reality
    • Lines 33 and 34
      • While we're young
    • Lines 35 and 36
      • While we're passionate
    • 'amorous bird of prey'
      • Proud and confident
    • Lines 39-40
      • Lets devour our time rather than let it languish
    • Lines 45-46
      • Time will go fast because they are having fun


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