To what extent is Nationalism a single doctrine?

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  • To what extent is nationalism a single doctrine?
    • LibNat
      • Nationa have equal right to self-determination
      • Goal of world of nation states
      • International organisations like EU
    • ConNat
      • Social cohesion embodied in sentiment of national patriotism
      • Organic, humans go towards others like themselves
      • Inward looking, sceptical of immigration
    • SocNat
      • Emancipate through economic and social liberation
      • Post 1945
      • Fuse nationalism with revolutionary marxist-leninism
    • CulturalNat
    • PolNat
    • Single as core belief that the nation is sole legit unit of political rule
      • However above all is 'chamaleon' ideology shaped by diff historical contexts, and used to advance a range of causes


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