Darius at Gaugamela

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  • To what extent do Plutarch & Arrian's portrayals of Darius at Gaugamela differ?
    • Character
      • Physically impressive, but is weak due to his defeat PL
      • 1st to run, cowardice (relates to tactics) AR
        • PL - Darius' reactions, character overview, AR  in relation to battle conduct only
      • 'On edge since battle began' tactics led him to not have a strong character AR
      • Leaves chariot & armour, no concern for warrior Both
    • Tactics
      • Darius running caused loss, a close struggle implying both sides were strong
        • Only after running there was a rout, so Aretes  broke them up AR
          • Eagle made Alex charge Persians ran, not as weak a leader PL
      • Competent  to know  Scythe chariots  useless on  rough ground, but Alex kept right avoiding encirclement


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