To Kill a Mockingbird- Chapter 1

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  • TKMB Chapter 1
    • Characters
      • Alexandra Finch (Atticus's sister/ Scout's aunt)
      • Jack Finch (Atticus's brother/ Scout's uncle)
      • Calpurnia (the Finches' cook)
      • Atticus Finch (Scout's dad)
      • Dill (Scout & Jem's friend)
      • Simon Finch (one of Scout's ancestors)
      • The Radleys (a family with a mysterious past & is rarely seen)
      • Jem Finch (Scout's brother)
      • Ms Rachel Haverford (Dill's aunt)
      • Jean Louise Finch/ Scout (narrator)
      • Stephanie Crawford (the neighbourhood scowl)
      • Henry Lafayette Dubose (Scout's neighbour)
    • Exposition (family history)
      • Simon Finch, the first of her ancestors came to USA as a fur-trader and apothecary who fled England to escape persecution. He then established a successful farm on the banks of the Alabama River. The Finchs' relied on the farm, Finch's landing, for many yrs
      • Atticus went to Montgomery to read law
      • Jack went to Boston to study medicine
      • Alexandra stayed at the Landing & married a taciturn man
      • 'Maycomb... was a tired old town'
        • 'in rainy weather the streets turned to red slop'
        • 'the court-house sagged'
        • 'people moved slowly...took their time about everything'
    • Themes
      • growing up
      • good, evil and human dignity
      • prejudice
      • small town southern life
      • depression & tough times
      • heritage
    • Foreshadows
      • Jem's accident- when he broke his arm- the story behind Jem’s accident is complicated, and the roots of the accident are open to interpretation
      • “if he wanted to take a broad view of the thing, it really began with Andrew Jackson,” foreshadows one of the themes of the novel, which is the South’s history, and the impossibility of untying the present from the region’s troubled past. Andrew Jackson, and Maycomb’s history in particular, are referenced again at the pageant, right before Jem and Scout are attacked, in a second instance of the narrator linking the unresolved violence of the past with the present.
      • Scout, Jem, and Dill happily believe Boo is a dangerous, deranged fiend who eats the neighborhood pets, Atticus’s reaction to their games implies Boo has been miscast in the eyes of the town. Atticus’s sympathetic attitude towards Boo foreshadows Boo’s role as protector of the children when he later saves them from Bob Ewell. This revelation is underscored by the evolution of Boo’s association with imagery of ghosts.
    • Context
      • ideas of segregation and oppression
      • Southern lifestyle
      • set during the Great Depression- economic hardship
      • written during civil rights movement
      • American Civil War & abolition of slavery
      • Scottsboro trials


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