Poetry- To His Coy Mistress

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  • To His Coy Mistress
    • Structure
      • rhyming couplets
        • This shows the a regular structure and could represent the fact that the narrator feels they lead ordinary lives, so must live life while they can.
    • Second stanza
      • "quaint honour turns to dust"
        • Quaint was a word used in the past for vagina, this therefore suggests that if they do not live in the moment that she might never get a chance again as she will turn to dust.
        • "Quaint" can also suggest old fashioned, perhaps meaning that the narrator is implying that her views of preserving her vaginity are old fashioned.
        • Quaint can also mean skillfully or cleverly made, therefore it suggests that she has chosen to preserve her virginity so that she remains honourable and respectable
    • repetition of the word "shall"
      • this shows that it is not an indefinite thing, that he can persuade her to do as he wants
    • "The grave's a fine and private place..."
      • this is an extended metaphor for death which he uses to convince her to do what he wants her to do
    • "Our" "We"
      • He uses these to suggest that they are united with one another, and to get her on his side, he needs to show that they are a union and he will not hurt her.
    • Describes time approaching fast
      • "hurrying near" time will catch them up if they do not act quickly
      • "Our time devour" shows how fast time is moving away from them
    • Natural Imagery
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