Coca Cola - Case Study. TNC's.

A brief over view of Coca Cola as a TNC and some of it's major faults. A possible Case study for A2 Human Geography. 

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  • TNC's - Coca Cola
    • Germany 2006 Fifa World Cup, (Have supported Fifa for past 30 years.)
      • Afterward closed 7 plants causing a loss of 2,000 jobs in the area.
      • Coke had received 10m Euro's for investing in the region.
      • Their investment from German government had come from German tax payer money yet the company failed to stay for the 10 years contracted.
    • Water Problem.
      • Instead of recyclable aluminium, coke manufactured tin cans.
      • Bon Aqa - Cokes brand of water was the only available water at the world cup.
        • Bon Aqa is tap water and not mineral water.
    • Coca Cola in India
      • Forcably wants to take the market for bottled water.
      • Producing bottled water in 70 factories
      • Caused local water shortages.
      • Large factory in Rajistan - desert region suffering from drought.
      • Pesticide residue has been found in bottles and whilst indian government has forced coke to test daily - toxic residues cannot be filtered.


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