TNCs and their Impacts on World Health

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  • TNCs and their Impact on World Health
    • British American Tabacco
      • Positive Impacts
        • 45 factories in 39 countries- fair pay
        • 80% resources from LEDCS
        • MEDCs gov put tax on cigarettes
          • money helps funds NHS
        • Employ 250,000- all fairly paid
        • Social responsibility in tobacco production programme
          • Improving soils
          • water conservation
          • good use of agrochemical
          • environmental and occupational health and safety
      • Negative Impacts
        • causes 6 mill deaths a year
        • 5000 bill cigarettes made a year
        • advertising encourages people to smoke
        • In LEDCs smoking seen as sign of wealth
          • As LEDCs get richer, they smoke more
    • GlaxoSmith Kline
      • Positive Impacts
        • their drugs treat illnesses
        • donate 15 mill vaccines to LEDCs
        • only TNC to focus on malaria, TB, HIV
        • in 117 countries, employ 100,000
        • every hour, spend £300,000 on developing new drugs
        • sell preferentially priced ARVs to LEDCs
        • invest 3.9% profit to global community projects
      • Negative Impacts
        • most TNCs don't make drugs for malaria, not profitable
        • only put in under 4% profit
        • sell sugar drinks which contribute to obesity
        • profit making company
          • only treat symptoms, don't cure
          • patent on drugs- expensive for LEDCs
          • how preferentially priced are they
          • lots of money spent on advertising- makes more expensive


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