SUPERPOWERS - TNC's influence in culture

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  • TNC's influence culture
    • culture is a system of shared beliefs, values and traditions such as religion, language, dress, art, food and even political views.
    • TNC's are key drivers of cultural globalisation and westernisation
      • They promote:
        • individual freedom and rights (Gender equality, religion)
        • accumulating wealth is what makes a successful life (capitalism)
        • the importance of leisure activities (holidays, TV)
        • the idea that having the latest technology is in trend and it can solve problems
          • The desire to have access to the worlds most famous brands is a desire. people on Asia and South America 'think and act like we do'.
        • living in a small family unit rather than an extended family.
      • westernisation is most obvious in areas of dress, food (McDonalds) films (Disney) and globish.
    • 1. Google, 2. Apple, 3. Microsoft, 4. AT&T, 5. Facebook.


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